Das neue Buch von What Matters Kolumnistin Alice Schmidt und ihrer Co-Autorin Claudia Winkler.

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About the book:

The coronavirus crisis has drawn attention to the complexity and importance of the challenges we as a civilization face, but our experience in navigating the crisis has also shown that we can take drastic action. We’ve reached a turning point, and the stakes are high. Will we succeed in halting climate change and biodiversity loss, and in finally securing health, wealth and wellbeing for all? Or will we continue to dig our collective grave by producing and consuming more and more goods while wasting and polluting as if there were no tomorrow?

There is cause for optimism. We already have the tools we need to create a better, more sustainable, and inclusive future. Before we apply these tools, we need to take a step back, look at the whole picture and reach beyond the silos in which we live and work. We need to zoom out before we zoom in to tackle specific sustainability issues. By working together in good faith, we can solve the sustainability puzzle by addressing social, economic and environmental issues simultaneously.

Alice Schmidt and Claudia Winkler are pragmatic thinkers and doers in achieving sustainability. Drawing on their combined 40+ years of experience in addressing issues of social justice, climate action, the circular economy, technology and sustainable business, they show why we should be optimistic about sustainable transformation and offer constructive insights on building back better.

Book 220 pages, with illustrations by Franziska Viviane Zobel